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We are a Great Commission church (Matthew 28:19-20). As a global community of faith, we are commissioned to take the Good News of life in Jesus Christ to people everywhere and to spread the message of scriptural holiness (Christlike living) across the lands. The Church of the Nazarene bonds together individuals who have made Jesus Christ Lord of their lives, sharing in Christian fellowship and seeking to strengthen each other in faith development through worship, preaching, training, and service to others.

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Pastor Gary & Kristi

Pastor GaryPastor Gary and Kristi welcome you to Gainesville First and to this web page.
Please join us in worship if you are in the Gainesville area.   
Pastor Gary

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A Community Of Faith

We believe that God offers to everyonelogo forgiveness, peace, joy, purpose, love, meaning in life, and the promise of heaven when life is over by entering and experiencing a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We are called to take this message to people everywhere. The Church of the Nazarene is also a holiness church. We believe that Christians can experience a deeper level of life in which there is victory over sin, power to witness and serve, and a richer fellowship with God, all through the infilling of the Holy Spirit. The Church of the Nazarene is a global community of faith composed of individuals who have made Jesus Christ Lord of their lives. We share our life together in Christian fellowship, seeking to strengthen each other in faith development through worship, teaching, preaching, fellowship and service. Beyond this, we strive to express the compassion of Jesus Christ to all persons along with our personal commitment to Christ-like living. Each local congregation of the Church of the Nazarene is a faith community, ready to greet you in Jesus' name. There you will discover opportunities not only to encounter Jesus as your Savior and Lord, but to grow as a follower of Christ. Local churches offer ministry opportunities for serving others. Fellowship, worship, training and education are all part of our life together in Christ.


Service Times

Sunday School:  09:30 am
Morning Worship:  10:30 am
Wednesday Services:  7 pm

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Roy Rogers, District Superintendent

Part Of That Community

jilGainesville First Church of the Nazarene is part of that community, and we welcome you to our webpage. Please use the menu to access our site and get to know us a little better. Email Us or call the church office at 770.532.8452 with any questions, concerns or comments.

If you are in the Gainesville area, we would love to have you join us in our worship services and would be honored to share the day with you as we worship God's risen Son.

Our hope is that He will touch your life as we worship side by side. Corporate worship is a great place to connect with other believers and to be strengthened in your faith.

It is our prayer that when you visit Gainesville First, you never leave the same way that you came. We pray that you will find deliverance, spiritual as well as physical healing and fullness of joy in the Lord! And that you would leave this place with the peace of God inside.

We have an order of worship but we are always open to the leading of the Holy Spirit to guide us in our services.