Sunday School

Leah Tench, SS Superintendant

SSThe Church of the Nazarene has been firmly committed to promoting evangelism, missions, and Christian education through the Sunday School. That mission has not changed. We still believe that it is through the Sunday School that the Church has the unique opportunity to reach and teach people of all ages and from all walks of life about Christ.

The core values of the Church of the Nazarene remind us that we are a Christian people, a Holiness people and a missional people. In Sunday School Ministries we hold to these same core values. We are a Christian people. We believe that Jesus Christ is Lord. We believe that Jesus Christ is the Lord of Scripture.

We look to Scripture as the primary source of spiritual truth confirmed by reason, tradition, and experience. Sunday School is the place to teach the vital importance of Scripture to our children, teens, and adults and to disciple them in their Christian SSwalk. Sunday School remains one of the church's most powerful ways to affirm the Word of God as the foundation for living the Christian life. (Taken from the International Sunday School Ministries Page).


Pastor Gary


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Patti Dixon


PATTIWe believe that women are important in God's eyes and are vital in His kingdom. We believe in unity within diversity and cooperation and caring through the inspiration and power of the Holy Spirit.

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  • To know God personally
  • To grow in Christlikeness
  • To discover and use spiritual gifts
  • To love and serve others
  • And in all we do to reflect the beauty of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Mission - GROWTH
  • Gathering women
  • Resourcing opportunities
  • Offering acceptance
  • Winning women to Christ
  • Teaching biblical truths
  • HHonoring the Spirit-filled life