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If you feel like you are alone, then we believe we can help you find what you need to thrive. If you feel like your relationships are superficial (personal or spiritual), then we believe we can help you find what you need to make your relationships stronger.

Here's our approach: Invest in your life. Find a group. Practice your faith. Thrive. 


Invest in your life with lessons, stories, and sermons that have been meaningful for us. 

Find a group to meet and make positive friendships. 

Practice your faith with prayer, devotionals, and other spiritual tools.

Thrive in your life and share your story with us. 

Georgia Nazarene Marriage Retreat
LifePointe Church of the Nazarene
Compassion Group
BASIC Meeting
GFCN Campus

Downloadable Guides

How to Have Real Conversations Between Close People

Do you feel like you're just repeating the same, mundane conversations with the people you love? Here are my top 5 questions for real conversations. 

10 Minute Self-Connection Guide

A daily tool for you to grow in a deeper understanding of yourself. 

How to Connect to God

A step-by-step instruction on connecting to God on a regular basis. 

5 Ways to Worship While Social Distancing

Here are 5 ways in which you can worship at home on your own or with your family.


You already have everything you need to connect to God and to neighbor. We are here as a guide on your journey!

There are so many ways to invest in others. We would be honored if you chose to invest through GFCN. 

Your time is precious, but we have found our time well spent when helping others through faith and life. 

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