June 7 Update

We want to invite you to join us for in-person worship this Sunday. Masks are encouraged, and we request that you join us online if displaying signs of sickness. During this stage of returning to in-person worship, our in-person activities will be limited to Sunday morning worship at 10:30 AM and to small groups (sign up available here). 

A shortened sermon will be shared online on Saturdays across our website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, and Instagram grid. A complete online service including worship will be available for connected members in our private Facebook group. 

We are committed to continuing our mission of helping people connect to God and to neighbor during this time. We welcome any partners in ministry to join us in volunteering or giving. 

April 4th Update

The Coronavirus has affected communities across the world in ways that we could have never imagined. Due to continued threat from the virus, GFCN will not meet in-person at least until May 3, per recommendations from government leaders and health experts. 

Throughout these last couple weeks, in the midst of it all, we have been encouraged. We were able to bless nurses with meals at Northeast Georgia Medical Center. Nothing Wasted Thrift opened their pantry for those especially in need. Our board and pastors have enjoyed praying with you over phone. And, we have seen the online world be taken over with messages of holiness and grace. Some of our families have gathered over video calls and some Sunday school classes have continued to meet in creative ways. Thank you for being creative with us!

As we continue to do what we feel called to do: help people connect to God and to neighbor. We have prayerfully asked God to bless our work so that a little bit of the online world might be used for God's glory and that others might be blessed. 

Please see an updated schedule of ONLINE services below, and share with others that may not have access to this information. 


You are loved. Please do not hesitate to contact us in this time of need.

March 23 Update

We are putting our words into actions this season. We are doing our best effort to help those needing supplies through our partners at Nothing Wasted Thrift Store, and we are working to mobilize our congregation to support and encourage a unit of nurses that we have "adopted" from Northeast Georgia Medical Center as our own. 

I want to thank you for your past support at GFCN and invite you to support our mission even now. There are so many ways that we can mobilize compassion this season. We are not the church without YOU. Let's partner together during this time! One, simple way is through donating to GFCN. However, there are always other ways to partner with us. Click here to sign up to help during this time or consider donating here

March 20 Update on Services

Our leaders have been praying our community, Hall County, and beyond. We have also prayed for wisdom for ourselves on the best ways that we can help you connect to God and to neighbor at this time.

Due to continued precautions GFCN will not meet in-person for the next two weeks, until April 5. We believe this is the most responsible thing we can do. However, we still sense a calling to helping people connect. Please see the schedule of our online activities for the next two weeks.

In addition, we have considered several creative ways to help others during this time. We know many others want to help those in need as well. We will share more about ways we can partner together, but if you would like to go above and beyond in caring for your neighbor, please message us.

We will continue to pray and to monitor the situation regarding appropriate Covid-19 precautions before determining our ability to meet on April 5.

You are loved. Please do not hesitate to contact us in this time of need.

First Response: March 17

Dear GFCN community,

The church staff and board have spent some time evaluating and considering our responsibility in terms of church activities during the Covid-19 Pandemic. There are varying opinions about how to proceed that are valuable and should not be dismissed. We’ve considered more than one viewpoint as we make plans for the coming weeks. There are viewpoints that we should cancel all services; there are viewpoints that we should not adjust our schedules at all. However, we have decided to take the middle way. We want to try and mitigate risk while continuing to meet as a community of believers. 

Effective immediately we will only hold morning church services at 10:30 AM on Sundays. Other church gatherings will be discontinued for at least two weeks. While we will hold services, we advise those who are most susceptible to the virus to stay home for your protection. One of the things that comes with cancelling activities is that our giving and contributions go down. So for us to be able to do what we feel called to do, we are asking you to consider giving online or to mail a donation into the church. We invite you to access our podcasts, Youtube, website, or Facebook to join us for our worship. At least one class will continue as a podcast for the next two weeks. We understand the risk to most of the population is minimal; however, we want to limit our ability to unknowingly pass the virus to others that may be more vulnerable. We will be continuously reevaluating our position and adjusting as more information becomes available to us. 

During this time, our custodian has graciously agreed to add to the cleaning schedule for our building and also spend extra time working to make sure as many surfaces as possible are disinfected each week. We encourage continuous hand washing as often as possible and discourage close contact with each other and hand shaking. 

It is in dark and discouraging hours such as these where the light of Jesus can shine the brightest. While this “quarantine” is being held, please evaluate how you might spend more time personally in scripture and prayer. Please look for ways to reach out to others via text, email, mail and phone calls to break the isolation. Look for ways to bless those who might be suffering financially because of the loss revenue or wages during this time. We may not meet as often face to face, but we shouldn’t forsake our spiritual lives nor our community. Be willing to be “Jesus” whenever you can. Do not hesitate to reach out to any of the staff if you have questions during this time.



GFCN Pastoral Team

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